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13th-May-2010 03:19 pm - Work work work!
misc // <3 LOL!
I've been busy this week, selling and making all kind of stuff. I ordered a bunch of very Kawaii cabs, and plan on making a bunch of new little earring studs and I'll be offering hair clips too! I'm super excited about this update, I've been busy, busy, busy!

Here is all the new stuff that will be coming in!

I'll be offering earrings,hair clips or bobby pins in sets as well! I'm super excited about all the cuteness of the new stuff. I've been working on flower broaches as well.


I'm going to make these adorable little sweeties into super cute chocolate earring studs! How cute would that be?!

10th-May-2010 01:01 pm - Ridiculous Doctors
Kelly Vivanco // chipmunk love
I've gone to three pediatricians in my town all which have either a. didn't care for my son b. coo-coo to boot I mean totally fucking loony c. are surgery happy.

I took him to Chota in the next town over, which is just as small as the town I reside in currently. So no wonder I got the diagnosis that I got from this doctor. Anyway he was there to get his 6 month shots (at 7 months because the last doctor didn't find it necessary to give him his shots at the correct age). Within five minutes of looking at my son she excused herself from the room, came back an measured his head again. Then came up with this whole "Oh he has a cone shaped head, he'll need surgery on his scalp SKULL SURGERY NOT BRAIN SURGERY"  and completely forgot about the shots after she left I had to go find the nurse and tell her he didn't get his shots so I was there for three hours why everyone ran around like a chicken with its head cut off. He FINALLY got his shots, but they scheduled to see him in two months to get his head check out again, forget about his well check up, she just wanted to see his head (again how do these doctors graduate medical school??)!

So I've been on the search of finding yet another pedi, all the mean while Dr. Binkley kept harassing me (I was at the point where I didn't answer her or her nurses calls) They called me morning, night, every day, and sometimes they would call four times in a row. Saying that I need to pick up a order to take him to Childrens Hos. to get an x-ray on his skull and then get him ready for surgery. WTF he's not even a year old and they want to do surgery on him now??

I asked around, everyone said his head looked normal. I finally found a pediatrician(s) (since there are several in the unit) in the Maryville Pediatrics Assoc. in their Vonore  office. The doctor there looked at his head measured it with his hands felt around and said that there was absolutely nothing wrong with his head, the only thing he would think of that the other doctor was talking about was his soft spot closed up very fast (which wasn't anything abnormal, that it was good that it closed up quickly) and he has a bit of a flat head but that was due to the fact that he would rather lay on his back than his belly, but over time his head will even out he's not even 12m yet, his skull is doing a lot of growing still.  He told me not to worry about it, that his head was on track, and that it looked like a normal 8 month old head. But they would check it again when he comes in for his 9m check up.

I left messages at Chota asking them to please stop calling, that I found him a new pediatrician, got three other opinions which all said his head was absolutely fine. Well today I got a letter in the mail from Dr. Binkley that was dated from Friday (5/7/10), it was the order to take him to childrens to get an x-ray, and then prep for surgery. I think I just blew my top when I was reading the letter she put "I was unable to get a hold of you after calling 20x times and leaving several messages. This is VERY important and needs to be done ASAP! On the order is says "skull abnormality", and nothing more. No more explanation than that, really?
6th-May-2010 01:44 am - All sorts of excited
Kelly Vivanco // chipmunk love
I went to babies r us today and got some really cute bodysuits:

I was in there for an hour, and shopping for a girl is a lot harder than I thought it would be there are TONS of girl cloths. I saw some super cute stuff in there, but it was SO overwhelming I thought I would pull my hair out.

I found the perfect crib set, it's taken me forever though. I actually over looked it online, but when I went in the store today and saw it displayed in a white crib similar to the one I'm looking for/at on Craigslist and it looked amazing but anyway this is the crib set:

It's more of a teal color in person and matches the color the room is painted perfectly. This is what the whole thing looks like:

I put the decor and stuff on my registry though, Jeff agreed to buy the crib set and mobile once we get the money, and it helps that I have two 20% off coupons  to use on them. We're saving 35 dollars on the crib set if we use it, but it has to be used from May 21 to June 3rd.

Jeff finally admitted that he was scared and excited all at the same time and is eager to find out what this baby girl looks like, which I am too.

I bought two flower head bands on etsy (yes she WILL be a bow head)

We're naming her Chloe Grey (Jeff picked out Chloe it's only fair that he get to name her since I named Graham).
2nd-May-2010 08:26 pm - What Is For Dinner Tonight??
Fred Flare // mouth
I love the warmer time (just not the heat, for I am a weenie!) with all it's summer time vegetables. I'm starting to plan out our meals throughout the week, so much easier to do and it makes for less trips to the store.

I'll post the all the recipes for of you.

Tonight I'm fixing BLT deviled eggs, cheesy squash casserole, and a sweet raspberry lemonade (I flaked on the cherries).

I finally got ALL the dishes done, washed, and now I'm just waiting for them to dry. I've been procrastinating to clean them (since I am my dishwasher), forever now and I'm tired of the look on Jeffs face every time he comes home. But it's not only that I've been sick for the last two -three weeks now. All I do is cough cough cough and I have no relief! I've been taking Robitussin, cough drops, and everything else that is safe to take during pregnancy. Nothing seems to be working at all, not to mention I sound like Minnie Mouse.

Graham has had the same crud for three months now! And they just finally gave him a bunch of antibiotic to help him get better. And the stupid doctor is still going on about how his head is "missed shaped" and will need "surgery on his skull asap". I've asked everyone his head is FINE! I've seen 8-12 months old who have more of a cone shaped head than he does, but apparently their heads are fine? I'm definitely looking for a new pediatrician in the Knoxville area now. From the experiences I've had with my doctors, they are amazing! And they actually care about their patience's. And the ones in my town/ area seem to either not care, surgery happy, or are completely ridiculous and coo-coo to boot.

Graham is nomming on Graham Crackers, he absolutely loves those (and any other thing he can get his hands on and stick in his mouth). I still can't get over the fact that he is 8 months old now, and has NO teeth still. Army crawling but when he gets on his hands and knees he just rocks back and forth. But I can totally wait for him to crawl and get teeth, I want him to stay my little baby forever!

Anyway recipes:
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29th-Apr-2010 05:50 pm(no subject)
Kelly Vivanco // chipmunk love
4 days left eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek so excited

will this baby be a boy or a girl? we find out tuesday morning.
10th-Apr-2010 10:53 pm - Spring Time
Sleepyfeet // blood fingers

Even though I love spring I hate the runny noses, itchy eyes, and sneezing that comes with it. I feel like my LO has gotten the worst end of the allergies. Graham and I went out to the indoor Flea Market here in town, it was more of an exercise than browsing. We also stopped at the flower & plant shop I bought 4 large blooming Canna bulbs, and three containers of Ranunculus.

I'm excited for new flowers and fixing up the gardens at the house. We have a lot of land in the country side and its full of all sizes of different little gardens. I really want to plant a vegetable garden but I doubt I'll have time to do it with this pregnancy chasing after Graham and trying to keep the house in order. I have tons of stuff to keep track of, and I also need to get things ready for a yard sale soon.

I have a very nice vintage inspired flower patterned couch that I'm wanting to get rid of, it's currently just taking up space in the house and it has NEVER been sat on! We're trying our best to make all the room we can for a newest little addition whom will be arriving in just five months two weeks and three days.

I'm still surfing around on the internet for cribs, bedding and all kind of other little things. I have been ever so often feeling the little movements, all sorts of exciting things going on in there. It's crazy to think that I almost forgotten how amazing this feels.

I bought some maternity shirts off of Etsy, I've been lurking around DiscoBelly for a while now, and I FINALLY bought two shirts from her:
31st-Mar-2010 01:29 pm - two words.
Kelly Vivanco // chipmunk love
i won.

20th-Mar-2010 01:14 am(no subject)
Kelly Vivanco // chipmunk love
the most amazing wake up ever:

7th-Mar-2010 08:28 pm - Tangerine Buttercream Frosting
Kelly Vivanco // chipmunk love
This happens to be my FAVORITE

1 cup (2 sticks) of unsalted butter, room temperature
6-8 cups of powdered sugar
1/2 cup of milk
1/2 tsp tangerine extract

1. In an electric mixing bowl fitted with the paddle attachment or if you don't have an electric mixing bowl use a large bowl and an electric mixer, mix the butter until smooth and creamy (a few minutes).
2. Add 4 cups of the sugar, the milk and vanilla and on low speed mix until combined.
3.Add two more cups of sugar and on low speed mix until light and fluffy. If you need to, add the remaining two cups of powdered sugar.
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