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Strawberry galore 
14th-May-2010 12:20 am
Kelly Vivanco // chipmunk love
I'm going to make some cute bobby pin and earring sets from these:

Large strawberry cabs for the bobby pins

Small strawberries for earring studs:


I though making them into momma and baby sets, and selling them like that. I can't really make up my mind, but I know I want to make it into a set. I may even make a necklace, earring, and bobby pin set, that would be super cute. :] But that is all up in the air still, I'm so fickle sometimes about stuff.

I'm waiting for Jeff to come home with one of those loaded chicken burritos that's on the combo menu that has chips with it. I forget what it is but I really wanted one. There are two vinegar tacos left in the fridge that Jeff fixed last night, but I'm just not on the mood for them tonight. I got my fill of them last night... I ate six of them *blush*. 

I got some of the cloths that I ordered in the mail today. Daww I'm so excited for her, I feel like this pregnancy is going by so quickly. I have a doctors apt in the morning with Dr. Gallahar. I feel like that mass that is in my right breast gets bigger as I get further along in my pregnancy. Or I could be wrong and it could just be the pregnancy causing my breasts to get dense (which is normal she says) which causes the mass to pop up more than usual. I'm not too worried about though, my doctors have been taking really great care of it and myself. I'm so thankful to have amazing doctors that feel more like family.
14th-May-2010 05:25 am (UTC)
aww, strawberries! :D and a chicken burrito sounds delish. and post pics (if you haven't already because i suck at lj lately) so we can see the clothes! i love baby clothes. they make me so happy. i think it's my maternal instincts.
14th-May-2010 07:18 am (UTC)
Strawberries are so cute!

LOL sometimes, six is plenty enough LOL

I'm glad your pregnancy is going well so far, just remember when you get to the end it will really slow down!! So exciting that you got some of the little girl clothes.
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