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If you've followed my facebook feeds, it seems like I should… 
20th-Sep-2010 01:34 am
Kelly Vivanco // chipmunk love

If you've followed my facebook feeds, it seems like I should have given birth ages ago. But Chloe finally decided to grace us with her presence after everyone telling me I was most likely looking at being pregnant for another week. Which (thankfully) didn't happen!

Alright, so I went for my 39 week check up Tuesday morning only to find out that DUN DUN DUN just like the week before that, and the week before that -there was absolutely no change in my cervix. I hadn't even dilated and I was still pretty thick. So Dr. Tegarden decided she would try to jump start labor and did a membrane sweep. Which these are pretty much hit and miss, a 50 / 50 % chance of it actually working depending on if your body is ready or not. Anyway, she said I may have some bleeding and cramping afterward. Well there was no bleeding present at all but extremely sever cramps/contractions. I'm surprised I drove around at all that day.

At this point I was feeling pretty discouraged, I pretty much felt like at this point I would never give birth, and I was getting really agitated as well. I woke up Wednesday morning with more cramping and I actually completely expelled ALL of my mucus plug. The first thing out of my mouth was "Jeff, I'm pretty sure this little girl is going to come out today if not tomorrow." at this point I'm pretty sure the hub didn't believe me, because well ...I had been saying this for weeks now. Through the whole day all I did was sit on the couch, I was in so much pain. That and I kept bugging Dawn about if I should come into the office or not. I had some bleeding but is was heavy heavy like I guess they expect/want it to be but also in the whole 9 years I've been visited by Aunt Flow I never had heavy bleeding so to me was heavy..Anyway so I pretty much stayed on the couch I hardly got up to do anything, I could hardly walk to the bathroom without buckling over in pain. By 7 o'clock my contractions got down to a solid 5 minutes apart and at that time I had enough. I packed everyone up and told Tami (my mother in law) to take me to the hospital, that tonight was it and I WAS NOT coming back home.

The car ride was miserable, and I felt really sick to my stomach. Got to the hospital (which by the way is an hour drive from my house) they checked me in got my into a room to monitor me for a bit. The nurse didn't believe me at all when I told her I was in labor, by that time the bleeding had really slowed down. I was at that point only 2 centimeters dilated so after an hour they sent me back home, unfortunately.

It was about 11 o'clock when we got back to the house. I went straight back to the couch, Jeff fixed us something to eat. Jeff and I just finished ours so him and Graham were watching the TV and playing, Tami was in the dinning room just finishing up her meal and then all of a sudden I felt a sudden gush. Lol at first I seriously thought I peed on myself but then another little trickle. I looked at Tami and go "My water just broke!" Jeffs mom didn't believe me she argued with me for a few minutes, she thought I was joking and was waiting for me to smile apparently. Ha, I told her "here if you don't believe me come feel my leg!" some how I managed to shimmy myself off of the couch and not get the couch soaking wet, but there was a trail to the bathroom and not even a heavy flow pad could save the hardwood floor.

It was pretty frantic and everyone was trying to hurry and somehow and somewhere communication got lost and I thought Jeff had the keys but he really didn't and I locked us out of the house with no car keys or any keys for that matter. So things got even more frantic we were calling everyone trying to find a away to get in or someone they could stay with. But contractions really started and Jeff luckly had a spare set of keys to his van in his glove box. So we went to the hospital Tami and Graham stayed behind. She ended up calling 911 and had a cop come shimmy the door open.

Jeff drove about 90 with his E lights on the whole way to the hospital, I'm surprised we didn't get pulled over/didn't have a cop behind us because there were cops everywhere! We get to the hospital once again they did the little strip test on me (and by this time I was sitting in a puddle) the test turned blue which means DUN DUN DUN my water had indeed broken. Yaya so this time I actually get to stay, but they should have listened to me in the first place when I told them I was in labor and we could have just avoided this whole mess. But yeah it is what it is.

I went for a good 3 4 hours without an epidural, and boy let me tell you I hated EVERY minute of it, I begged the nurse to give me something. She ended up giving me a dose phenegran. Which made me dizzy as all get out I couldn't even think straight and I just passed right out. there were several times that I woke up screaming from the pain. It was about 2:30 3 o'clock that I got an epidural but I almost ended up not being able to get that because my scoliosis had gotten pretty bad and she tried about three times to get it in, it took the forth try to get it. So got my epidural and things were peachy for the time being.

Oh and I forgot to mention I needed no pitocin this time apparently I went like lightening -I went from 2cm to about 9cm in just in just three hours. Worse part is in that time Chloe had managed to lay on her cord and had a death grip hold onto it also and was cutting off her own oxygen, and it slowed her heart down to about 60 it was really scary. The nurses kept moving me and nothing was helping, at one point they had me on my hands and knees, I was on oxygen as well, Jeff was hold me petting my head to keep me calm I was in tears and still really drugged my body was shaking violently and I couldn't stop. They also gave me a shot to try to stop me from dilating. It was really scary they called Dr. Tegarden and they had the room all ready for an emergency c-section before she even got there. To be honest I didn't think one of us was going to make it through,

But lucky that was unnecessary, Dr. T put this little rope type deal and latched it onto Chloe's head and pulled her out/closer to the birth canal and that got her off of her cord, got her heart heart stable again. I was only 9cm at that time so she let me just chill for an hour which wasn't really needed because about 20 minutes later my nurse came back in and I told her that I felt the urge to push. Dr. T came rushing back in got everything set up again and one of the nurses said that if I had even coughed, her head would have fallen out lol. But with two good hard pushes Chloe was out! Dr. T placed her on my chest and I couldn't believe this tiny little girl caused so much pain and so much trouble. One of the nurses made a comment on how long and lean she was. They announced back to Jeff and I that Chloe weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces 19 inches long, perfectly healthy and gorgeous.

I couldn't believe that she was finally here, this is my daughter, one I've waited pretty much 10 months to looks at. Who I kept wondering and imagining of. She was so alert and had her eye wide open. Gorgeous dark grey eyes just looked at me. a head full of black peach fuzz (which she has more hair than what Graham had when he was born).

She looks so much like her daddy too, but sometimes if I really study her I see little features that resemble my mother. She's a gorgeous baby and I don't want to say that because she's mine but she really is. The nurses at the hospital fell in love with her and every time kept telling me about how she is such a doll baby.

But she is lovely, so alert, and just coos, you wouldn't think she was a newborn at all. She is fathers little princess and has him wrapped around her little fingers already.
20th-Sep-2010 09:03 am (UTC)
Congratulations xxxxxxxxxx
20th-Sep-2010 08:20 pm (UTC)
That sounds like a crazy day, esp the whole going to the hospital twice and locking yourself out!
I'm so happy for you, she sounds wonderful!
25th-Sep-2010 03:01 pm (UTC)
Congrats!!! She is so beautiful it's unbelievable! Hope you're doing well and making a quick recovery.
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